• Yonezawa sake brewery

Yonezawa sake brewery


This sake is made in one of The Most Beautiful Villages in Japan, in the foothills of the Southern Alps, using the traditional [[[酒槽搾り]]] method, which presses the sake drop by drop and creates little extraneous taste. It has won awards at many international competitions

Founded in 1907, "Yonezawa sake brewery" has its storehouse in the village of Nakagawa in the Kamiina district of Nagano Prefecture and produces all its sake using the traditional [[[酒槽搾り]]] production method. Rarely used today, [[[酒槽搾り]]] is a traditional technique in which sake bags containing unrefined sake are stacked in several layers inside an elongated sake vat, covered with a press lid, and slowly pressed to squeeze out the sake drop by drop. Taking time and effort to press sake in this way brings out the original flavor of the sake without any extraneous taste. Rather than focusing only on efficiency, this painstaking sake brewing technique is cherished as a part of our Japanese culture. Our storehouse is located in Nakagawa, a member of The Association of the Most Beautiful Villages in Japan with abundant nature and a population of less than 5,000. The environment is perfect for brewing sake, which is made with great care using sake rice grown in partnership with local farmers on land blessed with the natural environment and good quality spring water of the Southern Alps. We actively participate in global competitions and have received many awards for excellence. The sake brewery continually innovates by incorporating new technologies while also cherishing the traditional techniques of the master brewer and the brewery workers and preserving those things that should be protected.

Company name.
Yonezawa sake brewery
4182-1 Okusa, Nakagawa , Nagano, 399-3801, Japan