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Tomono sake brewery


"zenryo junmai zukuri" A comforting flavor with a clean palate, only made possible with specially selected sake making methods. A popular highlight is a bottle whose "moromi" (fermented sake mash) is prepared with Beatles music in the background, a low alcohol, gently flavored sake with sweet and sour notes.

Located on a plateau surrounded on three sides by lush green mountains, Saku City in Nagano is home to sake brewery Tomono sake brewery, founded in 1901. The name of its leading brand "Sawanohana" was inspired by the beautiful flowers framing the clear rivers of the Shinshu Saku region. "A pure sake, for a delicious first glass and a wholesome second." The concept of this flavorsome, clean tasting sake is brought to life by its young owner, who is also its "toji" (master sake brewer). Using pure underground water flowing from the Yatsugatake Mountains and sake rice produced in Nagano like "Miyamanishiki" and "Hitogokochi", the most refined skills and painstaking attention to detail are applied to realize "kanzukuri" (made in winter) sake brewing in the icy cold climate of the locale. Its focus is not so much a flowery, aromatic finish, but one which emphasizes the inherent umami of Japanese sake, a gentle, comforting flavor. 2018 also saw the brewery move to "zenryo junmai zukuri" (sake making with rice and water only) in the pursuit of a deep umami that only "junmai" (pure rice) sake can achieve. Of its more unique projects, the popular [[[Beau Michelle]]] is made with Beatles music in the background while its "moromi" (sake mash) is fermenting, and bottled to match the style of wines. This delicately prepared bottle is made with the same level of care as a ginjo (using finely milled rice) to produce a low alcohol, gentle finish with sweet and sour notes, a sake for not only sake connoisseurs but occasional enjoyment as well. It took home both the "Miyabi" category award for sakes in wine glasses and the overall Grand Prix at the Sake-1 held in Kyoto in 2015.

Company name.
Tomono sake brewery
123 Nozawa, Saku -shi, Nagano, 385-0053, Japan