• Shimatani Syouryu Koubou

Shimatani Syouryu Koubou


"Syouryu" is the company's own brand of Shimatani Yuri Kobo which specializes in the manufacture of temples for temples since its establishment in 1879.

In our workshop, there are three "hun craftsmen" less than 10 people nationwide, squeezing a plate by "hitting with a gold bow", preparing the roundness, and tuning the sound to produce the drinking . We will continue to make new items born by this "killing with golden" technology. "Takaoka seems like a hardcore craftsman and makes a new product that can be used in life" That idea has led to the birth of new brands and new products. The product named "Suzumami", as its name suggests, is a proposal for a new tin product that can be bent freely as thin as paper. By tapping the rolled tin plate repeatedly with a golden stone, it became a product uniquely unique to forged metal craftsmen, not only giving a pattern, but also providing the strength to withstand repeated bending. Please enjoy the new feeling of tin so that it freely bends with Sue though it is metal.

Company name.
Shimatani Syouryu Koubou
4-2 Sengokumachi, Takaoka -shi, Toyama, 933-0847, Japan