• Miyake honten

A Hiroshima brewery that puts steady product quality first, checked with a reliable palate and inherited expertise good enough to be chosen as the country’s first expert sake appraiser.

With its brewery located in Kure City, Hiroshima Prefecture, a port city with connections to the old imperial navy, "Miyake honten" is one of the largest sake makers in Western Japan. It was founded in 1856 as a manufacturer of mirin, shochu, and shirozake, and began brewing sake in 1902. Before the war, the high quality of its products meant that it was supplied to all the bases of the old imperial navy, and this served as a foothold for its expansion nationwide. For over 100 years, it has passed down the spirit of putting steady product quality first. Its staff, who have the expertise and reliable palates to ensure that stable standard, check the flavor of the sake closely to maintain its quality. To back up this expertise, a member of the brewery’s technical staff was chosen, ahead of all the breweries in the country, as the first “expert appraiser in the sensory analysis of sake” certified by the National Research Institute of Brewing. The brewery’s representative brand "Senpuku" was born in 1916. Using mainly rice produced in Hiroshima Prefecture, it is characterized by a refreshing and slightly dry quality. There are many varieties for you to enjoy according to your mood and the occasion, from a Futsusyu that you won’t get tired of, to Junmai Daiginjo, Seasonal sake, Sparkling sake, and [[[熱燗専用純米酒]]] that impress even sake connoisseurs. This is a brewery that, while maintaining its traditions, continues to grow through repeated progress and innovation.

Company name.
Miyake honten
7-9-10 Hondori, Kure -shi, Hiroshima, 737-0045, Japan