• Matsumidori sake brewery

Matsumidori sake brewery


Matsumidori Brewery began in the Edo period as a shubo manufacturer selling to the sake brewers in the Tsugaru area. Shubo is the yeast required in large amounts in order to ferment sake. The essence of brewing can be characterized as 3 key factors by the ancient saying "1. Koji (rice malt) 2. Shubo (yeast starter) 3. Expertise." Later, the business turned to sake brewing in 1904, with the intention of crafting the ideal sake that is "meticulous about ingredients, meticulous about craftsmanship, safe to enjoy, loved by the local community, and possessing a flavor that never grows old." Since then, we continue to brew sake at Matsumidori Brewery with the belief that it is our mission to pass on the culture and history of Japanese sake to future generations by lovingly maintaining the techniques of our shubo producing origins, the sake brewing techniques passed down for generations, and the tools and equipment within the brewery that share the same long history. Our brands, Matsumidori and Reiho, beloved by the people of Tsugaru; Rokkon, our new pursuit in sake brewing; and Deka, brewed with special care; are all brewed by hand using our time-honored methods.

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Matsumidori sake brewery
58 Komagoshimachi, Hirosaki -shi, Aomori, 036-8366, Japan