• Koedo kagamiyama sake brewery

Koedo kagamiyama sake brewery


Leading Japanese brewer the size of a tennis court. "Small batches with quality above all else"; careful, Daiginjo class brewing for a deeply flavorful sake.

"Koedo kagamiyama sake brewery", founded in 2007, is the only sake brewery in Kawagoe City in Saitama Prefecture, a historic, picturesque locale known as "little Edo" for the number of "kura" (warehouses) harking back to the Edo period. Kawagoe was home to "Kagamiyama sake brewery" from 1875 to 1999, but it sadly went out of business. To revitalize local sake making, a team of volunteers founded "Koedo kagamiyama sake brewery" on a tiny site the size of a tennis court. The brewery promises five things in its sake making: "small lots for maximum quality"; "only use hako-koji and futa-koji (koji fungus made using two traditional methods)"; "moromi (sake mash) is separated ("jousou") with a bag only"; "hi-ire (pasteurization) is done in the bottle only"; "tokutei meisho sake (special designation) only, from the Junmai class upwards". These all also apply for Daiginjo class preparations; by sticking to all of these, the result is a high quality brewing process to please the most ardent Japanese sake fan. While modern Japanese sakes tend to be crisp and dry, sake from this brewery are deeply flavorful and sweet. Bringing out the best of the wholesome flavor of rice, this sake is characterized by its depth of flavor, fragrance, and flowery aroma for an elegant, resounding finish. Enjoy some of the finest sake made possible by small batches and a spirit of care that puts the highest quality above all else.

Company name.
Koedo kagamiyama sake brewery
10-13 Nakacho, Kawagoe -shi, Saitama, 350-0065, Japan