• Kinmon akita sake brewery

Kinmon akita sake brewery


Long aged sake is a gorgeous, glittering amber sake, giving voice to the deep, complex savoriness of rice. This sake has received multiple international awards, and has been featured at Michelin starred restaurants.

"The key to delicious sake lies in the aging process." "Kinmon akita sake brewery" is located in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture, in the Tohoku region of Japan. The brewery prides itself on its quest to produce the most exceptional sake, and seeks to create the very best [[[古酒]]]. Akita's ideally damp climate for the fermentation and aging process, along with its unique regional culture provide the perfect conditions for sake brewing. The main characteristic of our approach is expressing the savory flavors of rice, a Japanese staple, in a multitude of ways. Differing from the acidity of wine, the unique properties of rice mean our sake, when enjoyed with your meal bring forth an entirely new taste experience. The aging process further enhances these deep, nuanced flavors, meaning our sake can be paired with cuisines from across the world for the ultimate dining experience. Long Aged sake is the product of detailed know-how and time, leveraging Akita's climate and natural landscape. It is an embodiment of the unique qualities of Japanese rice wine, and an expression of the almost mysterious, intricate and profound umami flavors of rice. Furthermore, our blending technology is an essential part of the brewing process. This sake is the proud winner of multiple awards within the sake category at the International Wine Challenge (IWC), the most senior international authority in the world of wine, and was bestowed the title of Champion Sake (World Number One). Enjoy this renowned sake – which has delighted countless sommeliers with its beautiful amber color and mellow fragrance – with all five senses.

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Kinmon akita sake brewery
34-2 Nishihakkei, Fujiki, Daisen -shi, Akita, 014-1412, Japan