• Katsuyama supreme sake brewery

Katsuyama supreme sake brewery


Full bodied sake, luxuriously brewed one tank per week at a facility specializing in junmai. Won the world's highest double award at international concours

"Katsuyama supreme sake brewery" is a sake brewery located in Sendai, Miyagi, in the Tohoku Region, with over 320 years in business. It was established in the Date family's castle town, which was created by the Sengoku general, Date Masamune, in Sendai, and has continued to be a famous local brand, known for being the only remaining brewery that was in the Date family' service. The brewery is specialized for the creation of Junmai, and luxuriously prepares its sake one tank per week. This allows the [[[醪]]] to slowly ferment, giving the final product a fuller body. Also, by improving on the centrifuge used in the making of some sakes, they can extract the essence of the sake at high purity levels, for a rich, translucent sake. They are also extremely careful to maintain the freshness of the sake through [[[早瓶火入れ]]], and maintaining quality through Stored in freezing temperature at minus 5℃. Further, they have separated themselves from the "Tokutei Meisho Kosho" system, which sorts by rice polishing ratio, for the purpose of a more free, substantial pursuit of flavor through technological advancements, and to design sake to meet the evolving culinary trends of the world. They are the most notable brewery in 2019, for receiving the [[[最高賞]]] in both "International Wine Challenge (IWC)" Sake Division, the highest wine assessing authority in the world, and France's sake concours, the "Kura Master"

Company name.
Katsuyama supreme sake brewery
25-1 Futamata, Fukuoka, Izumi-ku, Sendai -shi, Miyagi, 981-3225, Japan