• Hikami Sake Brewery General Partnership Company

Hikami Sake Brewery General Partnership Company


A sake with a bold flavor profile produced by a chief brewer recognized as a "contemporary master craftsman" at the brewery that created the "foamless yeast" used at over half of all breweries in Japan. Its sake brand "Nanakanba" inspired by a famous racehorse is also highly popular.

Hikami sake brewery has a long history of over 300 years since it was founded in 1712 in Shimane's Okuizumo, an area of rich history and mythology. This brewery produces sake with a bold flavor profile rooted in the local culture and cuisine of Okuizumo by using pristine underground water drawn from the Hii River that flows deep into the Chugoku Mountains and sake rice that is cultivated locally. The end product is sake that strikes a balance between the umami flavors of rice and a sharp aftertaste, a unique quality that makes it the perfect choice alongside various dishes. This was also the brewery where the "foamless yeast" used at over 50% of all breweries nationwide was born, and which is also used in almost every sake it brews. Unprocessed sake containing this "foamless yeast" was discovered in 1962 at the brewery when the chief brewers of the current and previous generations noticed that although a lot of white foam should form in sake barrels during the production of new sake, this foam was occasionally absent in some barrels. After being involved in sake brewing for over half a century, the current chief brewer has inherited the traditional techniques of Izumo sake brewers and was recognized as a "contemporary master craftsman" in 2017. The Sake lineup of this brewery includes the Daiginjo "Tamahagane" that won awards at Annual Japan Sake Award and International Wine Challenge (IWC), the "Nanakanba" series inspired by the famous 20th-century racehorse "Symboli Rudolf," as well as "The Seven," an unprocessed sake series conceptualized as a spinoff of "Nanakanba". These brands have won accolades at numerous sake competitions, including the Annual Japan Sake Award.

Company name.
Hikami Sake Brewery General Partnership Company
1222 Yokota, Okuizumo , Shimane, 699-1832, Japan